Module 2

Integrated Module 2: International Homeland Security and Global Strategies

im2aPreparedness planning for global threats necessitates mobilizing a global response based upon specialist institutional synergies. With this aim in mind Module 2 aims to provide participants with the specific competencies required for Intelligence, and for analyzing and managing Security at various levels: Computer-Information, Aerospace, Maritime-Ports, Energy, Environment/ Terrestrial-overland, Food and Water, and Pharmacological safety. The course also addresses a practical, innovative didactic focus, risk assessment and management. It offers various subjects including frontal instruction for 50 h a amounting to 7 ECTS. Because this module addresses specific topics it envisages specific integrated seminars (providing further credits) organized by professors and by experts from other accredited institutions. To complete training activities the module also foresees collective and individual stages guided by tutors in the various institutions involved.