Criteria for admission

Course characteristics: Second Level Master Program

Official Languages: Italian and English

Duration:  18 months extendable to 24 months according to the individual student’s study plan

University Formative Credits (ECTS): 60
(to be gained in the three modules courses, seminars, stages, dissertation and scientific papers) 

The Master program comprises three integrated modules:

  • Integrated Module 1:
    Terrorism and its Socio-Cultural-Economic-Juridical-Ethical and Religious Features
  • Integrated Module 2:
    International Homeland Security and Global Strategies
  • Integrated Module 3:
    Natural, Accidental and Terrorist Disasters and Major Health Emergencies.
  1. The proposed study program offers highly specialized training for graduates in Medicine and Surgery, Biology, Pharmacy, Engineering, Political Science, Communication Sciences, Information Technology, Economics and Finance, and Law who have a Master’s Degree (corresponding to the Italian LM 06; LM 08; LM 09; LM 13; LM 17; LM 18;  LM 20; LM21; LM22; LM23; LM26; LM27;  LM29; LM30; LM31; LM32; LM33; LM34; LM35; LM38; LM40; LM41; LM44; LM48; LM51; LM54; LM56; LM61; LM62; LM63; LM64; LM66; LM70; LM72; LM77; LM78; LM79; LM80; LM81; LM82; LM84; LM88; LM89; LM/DC; LM/SC) or four years degree or other qualifications proposed by the Master program teaching staff considered by the Faculty of Medicine equivalent for admission. Applications to attend the Master program can be submitted by graduates possessing other degrees on the understanding that their appropriateness will be assessed by the Master program Teaching Board. Special application modules will be made available for this purpose. When they complete their application, before the course begins, applicants must already possess their degree.
  2. Qualifications acquired abroad and listed for admission to the Master program will be assessed by the Master program teaching Board and the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Medicine.
  3. The Master program Teaching Board will recognize as qualifications certified post-graduate training activities, specialization school and training courses that qualify the candidate for the Master program (including teaching posts held), provided that they fit in with the Master program. These activities will be assigned credits useful for completing the university Master courses, thus reducing the required training by up to a maximum 20 credits.
  4. The Master program will allow a previously-decided percentage of the total participants to attend as listeners, as specified in the Statute.

The Master program envisages interactive integrated teaching courses including face-to-face activity held on one Saturday each month at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery University of Rome, Tor Vergata. These courses will be integrated with Cultural and Scientific Events related to the 3 modules and organized by Academic-Research, Public-Private, Civil-Military, and Lay-Religious centers with analogous statutory objectives in accordance with their extra-Academic calendar, and National and International Stages

Master courses will start after at least 15 entrance fees have been paid or adequate funds received

The Master program will offer sponsored Scholarships and markedly reduced fees for disabled persons or listeners (not possessing the required criteria for admission)