Professional Career Openings

Among its aims the Master program includes training for
having the competencies required to cover the new role foreseen by the European Community Directive 2008/114. This directive requires each member state to appoint a Security Liaison Officer (SLO) for each single critical infrastructure and sensitive target. As the member states progressively bring the 2008/114 Directive into force real occupational openings arise for those who possess the qualifications required for this new role. The same qualifications will offer a privileged key to these professional opportunities or to advance career openings already undertaken within the European Institutions and International Organizations (DLO, Diplomatic Liaison Officer; EPLO, Emergency Planning and Liaison Officer).

The Master program also intends to train EMERGENCY MEDICAL MANAGERS (EMM), whose professional skills will be increasingly sought at international and national levels, especially in those “high-risk” countries in which catastrophic events ever more frequently disrupt daily life. These trained professionals will offer multidisciplinary competencies and specialist medical knowledge to all the health operators working in these countries. The competencies and skills acquired during the Master program will also be fundamentally important in forming and valorizing the various PUBLIC HEALTH MANAGERS (PHM), at national and European level (Decision 1082/2013/EU) and in training EXPERTS in risk assessment and risk management.

 The rationale underlying the Master program reflects the term “Academy” understood in its original meaning as the primary site for the integrated development of knowledge. For this reason the course involves lecturers whose primary teaching focus centers on the most advanced research methods appropriate for forming and consolidating the profession of

RESEARCHERS at Administrations, Institutions or Companies/Foundations/Private Research Centers or both so as to meet market requirements and those put forward by all the PMI involved in Global Security & Strategy.

The added value the Master program provides continues the III Mission proposed by the University of Rome Tor Vergata and especially the Faculty of Medicine. By catalyzing synergistic cooperation with the world of work and by encouraging a more decisive territorial engagement it should improve social well-being. To this end, the Master program attaches special importance to RESERACH PROJECTS and MEDICINE and SURGERY REMOTE or at a Distance, namely “Telemedicine”. This innovative medical field ideally incorporates the concept underlying the III University Mission. Its multidisciplinary, social, technologically innovative, economic, and above all ethical engagement promises to satisfy the so far unmet though increasingly requested needs for territorial medicine.

Last, the Master program intends to provide a major cultural reference aimed to relaunch scientific progress, development, innovation and occupation thus fully recovering the social ethical values and solidarity that made our country great.


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