Master Internazionale Universitario II° livello ISSMM
International Security/Safety, Global Strategies and Medical Maxi-Emergency: Analysis and Management in the Unconventional Events

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26 Ottobre 2018

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The Master program, unique in Europe, has a strategic-political profile, and takes an innovative multidisciplinary approach aimed at forming professionals with various capabilities who will be involved in preventing, coordinating, and managing the conventional and unconventional events (Natural, Accidental, Incidental or Terrorist disasters) that provoke Routine and Major Health Emergencies.

The multidisciplinary Master program includes topics of Health and Technical-Scientific, Economic-Financial-Juridical and Humanistic interest.

The Master program comprises three integrated modules:

Module 1

Terrorism and its Socio-Cultural-Economic-Juridical-Ethical and Religious features

Module 2

Integrated Module 2: Global Strategies for International Security Measures.

Module 3

Natural, Terrorist Disasters and Major Health Emergencies